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Chris Curry

Your Personal Insurance Agent


Chris Curry

Office: 502-259-0780

Cell: 606-224-8373

Chris Curry joined our team in the spring of 2013. His aunt had been encouraging him to get into the insurance industry. He began shadowing and riding around with her and found his passion. Chris loves meeting people and having the opportunity to truly help them with their problems and concerns. When it’s all said and done, people aren’t just his clients, they are his good friends. He regularly meets with as many of them as he can for lunch or dinner. He also goes hunting and fishing with some of his clients each year. 

Chris was born in Lexington, Kentucky and lived there up till he was ten years old. Until he was about nineteen years old, he lived on a farm in Irvine, Kentucky. He currently resides back in Lexington but hopes to purchase some land in the country. He enjoys fishing, hunting and likes to collect wristwatches. Chris is married, has three dogs: a black Labrador named Jetson, a Boxer/Great Dane mix named Puppy, and an American Pit Bull Terrier named Tyson; the 3 amigos.