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WHat WE do

We focus on providing consumers with the very best options in the areas of Senior Health Insurance, Major Medical Insurance (Groups, Large & Small), & Annuities.

We also provide agents with a very unique set of products at their fingertips.




Swisher & Associates is a family owned and operated insurance agency that has been committed to providing the best health insurance solutions to meet our clients' needs since 1984.

For prospective agents, we are proud to be one of a very few able to offer top level contracts from Humana, Anthem, & United Heathcare. This provides us with unique capabilities for agents.



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Useful resources for those who are in the market for health insurance.



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Welcome to Our Company

Swisher & Associates Insurance is a full service health insurance agency focused on providing a variety of affordable plan choices to consumers, and unique capabilities for agents that would be hard to find anywhere else.

The portfolio of health care products includes major medical, supplemental and fixed-benefit plans for individuals, families and employers. We focus on senior healthcare, major medical, and annuities.

Swisher Insurance is committed to providing access to convenient health care delivery, easy-to-understand products, and value-added services that help customers better manage their healthcare dollars and get the most out of their coverage— ultimately seeking to protect not only financial security, but also the health and well being of our customers.

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